Thursday, July 28, 2011

If you're reading this.........excellent, you can read. Moving on. I've never written a blog and never expected to but in light of recent events and happenings in my life I think its necessary to record some things that will be significant to me later on. When Twitter became popular I immediately wrote it off as another medium like Facebook statuses for people to use and say "my thoughts are funny" or "listen to me!" but the more I used Twitter I noticed that it just feels good to record your thoughts sometimes for your own sanity. I'll use an analogy, I apologize in advance:

A man (Herald) goes through with plastic surgery,  butt implants.....he was born without a butt.
He comes home and walks around the office with his new prized possessions.
Everyone in the workplace whispers "He just wants attention from all the ladies"
Herald says "No, I did this for like to have a butt too"
He just wants to look at himself in the mirror at the end of the day and say..."Okay. I see what you're workin with. Nice."

This analogy got out of hand but i'll tie it together here: I don't care if you look at my butt (blog). You don't have to, I just want it to be there at the end of the day (my life) so I can look in the mirror (future computer) and be like "okay, that's what you did when you were 21....not bad". These buns (this blog) are for me and my sanity. If you look at them great, if you don't....that's fine too.

That was too much. Anyone that knows me well understands that I have the attention span of a 6 year old in Target. You might call it ADD, that's what doctors do, but its less of a disorder and more an ongoing adventure that I have chosen to run with instead of run from. My roommate Chris described it in this way:  "Dude its like there's a live Facebook newsfeed scrolling in your head with outwardly random suggestions about what you should do or bring up in conversation." The only difference between destructive ADD-Adam of early age and Adam now is that I have learned which impulsive things I should/shouldn't act on; although that is still a work in progress. That intro serves mainly to warn all readers that whatever could get weird...will. Regardless, I hope if you read it you are somewhat entertained.

One of the main reasons I started this blog was because I am leaving for the Dominican Republic in less than two weeks for a mission trip to play baseball and serve the local impoverished communities there. When you hear an American kid say "baseball is my life" it is usually a figure of speech; his way of saying he really likes baseball. In the Dominican Republic, baseball is not a sub-culture or a hobby.  They play baseball because there is a possibility it could bring their family a real home, or consistent meals. There are two ways to beat poverty in the DR. Play baseball or live a life of crime. I'm traveling with a group of 12 other college baseball players from the University of Alabama, University of Kentucky, Lipscomb, and Tennessee to play games against the elite players of the Dominican Republic and also teach them about the victory in following Jesus. I'll be able to make this trip only because of my wonderful parents and the endless opportunities they've allowed me, along with a very helpful donation from two amazing girls. I look forward to flexing my buns in the mirror (writing my blog) a lot during this trip and maybe/hopefully you'll check them out.

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